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A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. was founded in 1998 by its current owners, Allan Lefeber and Lonald Suttner. They founded the company with the idea of providing a quality product with rapid turn around and competitive pricing. To date, this idea is still being accomplished with most jobs being turned around within 24 hours at extremely competitive costs.

The Facility

In August of 2002, A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. purchased its current facility at 1320 Milwaukee Drive, New Holstein, Wisconsin. This facility has 32,000 square feet of production and warehouse area. Within this facility A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. currently houses 18 production stations. It is hoped that the company can peak this facility at 36 production stations and still maintain its warehousing area. With well trained and professional employees , A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. is not only capable of polishing, finishing, vibratory finishing, and buffing, but it can also do light machining, shot blasting, bead blasting, and parts washing.

The Future


At A1 Polishing & Finishing we like to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are therefore installing a computerized MRP system capable of allowing customers to check their current inventory levels, as well as work-in-progress levels via the internet.

Why A1?

With current production capacity at 60%, A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. can offer its customers an unsurpassed comfort level. Not only will we give you, the customer, a quality product and rapid turn around, we will do it at a competitive price. What's more, A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. is currently looking for high volume, long-term contracts.